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Oral Sedation

Try as we might, some patients simply suffer from anxiety and extreme discomfort in the dental chair. This is typically due to one or more poor experiences in the past with dentistry, and we don't take it personally. We offer help and support, both in the way we try to make every patient feel comfortable and also through Oral Conscious Sedation.

Conscious sedation is administered by Doctor Hosseini on an outpatient basis, and is a safe form of sedation that does not require the expertise of an anesthesiologist. The patient is typically provided a mild sedative to be taken prior to arriving at the appointment to help them relax and the actual sedation is induced in the office while the patient is continually monitored for blood pressure, heart rate and oxygenation. The patient is never left unattended during the procedure.

Patients undergoing Oral Conscious Sedation may experience a slight lowering of the heart rate and blood pressure but this is normal and carefully monitored. The patient usually has little or no recollection of the procedure, and certainly does not experience the discomfort of any existing anxiety associated with being in the dental chair.

After the procedure, the patient may feel drowsy and tired and may occasionally experience mild nausea or headache. These symptoms typically dissipate shortly as the patient comes out from the effects of the sedative. We generally do not need to keep patients in our office for more than an hour or two post operation.

When We Recommend Oral Sedation

We recommend Oral Sedation for patients requiring multiple treatments that extend several hours and will also offer it to some patients with acute anxiety.

Important to Remember

While Oral Sedation is fairly safe, it is extremely important that patients make sure to follow the following guidelines

  • Have accurate up to date information in their Health History records in our office
  • Inform us of any medications they are taking
  • Inform us of any recent conditions or other surgeries
  • Arrange for a ride to and from our office on day of appointment