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Advanced Technology

Digital Imaging

Much of our ability to diagnose and plan treatment relies on our ability to visually see disease. Since dentistry involves the treatment of anatomy with extremely small structures and in sensitive parts of the body, we need enhanced tools applied with expertise to accurately diagnose disease in teeth, gums and surrounding bone. We use an all digital imaging system that allows us to take crisp pictures while minizing exposure.

Digital xrays

We have been using digital sensors to perform our xrays for several years now, and our patients love them. Gone are the days of sharp edged films placed in a patient's mouth, exposed to a relatively large amount of xray radiation and then processed chemically like traditional photographs. Our digital system consists of a contoured sensor in a single use protective sheeth that is far more sensitive than traditional film, which drastically reduces patient exposure to radiation. It also generates crystal clear pictures available immediately in our computer system, with the system's full ability to pan, zoom and digitally enhance images at our disposal. For our patients, this means a shorter, more comfortable time in the chair and also sharing with us the peace of mind that comes with our enhanced ability to diagnose disease.

Intraoral Cameras

While digital xrays allow us to view structure below the surface, there is a tremendous amount of information available right at the surface of teeth and gums. We use digital intraoral cameras to take pictures of gums and teeth, both for our own diagnostic needs and also for communicating with our patient and educating them about their oral health. As the saying goes, a picture often says a thousand words!.

Electronic Records

We started 'going paperless' well over ten years ago and have had no medical paper records since 2009. We have also had electronic access to insurance plans, as well as electronic filing of claims and bills for almost a decade now, since these technologies were first being presented. By performing tasks electronically under security guidelines, we can provide more accurate information more conveniently to our patients, be that their treatment, insurance coverage or bills.


Isolite is a system consisting of a soft, flexible mouthpiece and a soft bite-block, coupled with a small bright light source that make it much safer and easier for us to provide quality care, while maximizing patient comfort. Isolite helps prevent aspiration, providing a significant degree of of safety during lengthy procedures. The bright light and soft polymer based mouthpiece help isolate the area we are working on, keeping a dry and clean field, thereby minimizing the risk of contamination and improving the performance of materials used in restorative procedures.