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Oral Hygiene

While it may be a classical cliche for dental professionals to tell their patients to floss and brush regularly, we still cannot overemphasize its importance. Poor oral health, cause by irregular or inadequate hygiene, can not only cause the eventual loss of teeth, gum tissue and even bone but has been linked to even more serious diseases such as cardio-vascular disease.

We would love to see our patients for nothing more than their bi-annual checkups and regular cleanings. The advice we provide here, if followed diligently, would go a long way to helping our patients avoid the hassle, cost and degradation in health caused by dental disease.

While most people associate dental disease with cavities, far more damaging forms of disease can occur in the gums and the supporting bones in the jaw. Periodontal disease, as it is known, in fact causes more loss of teeth among adults than do cavities. Left untreated for any length of time, periodontal disease will result in permanent loss of gum tissue, loss of bone and loss of teeth. The only way to restore proper function at that point is significant surgery and treatment, ranging from bridges and dentures to dental implants.

If you experience any swelling or bleeding in your gums, please call our office immediately at 916-458-8005.