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A great alternative to veneers, Bonding is a very conservative approach to repairing cracks, chips, minor misalignments and discoloration.

What is Bonding?

Bonding is a process whereby material is added to teeth rather than removed, as is necessary for veneers. It involves first etching the surface of the tooth, applying a bonding liquid in preparation for application of a plastic resin.

Once the bonding liquid has fully set, a plastic resin is applied in sufficient quantity to allow for subsequent shaping and sculpting. This resin is finally shaped and polished to a precise shape in the skilled hands of Dr. Hosseini to a final product that looks and feels completely natural. The entire procedure is normally completed in a single visit.

Important Considerations

Patients should be aware that the resin applied is not as strong as their natural tooth enamel - few materials are, which is why we emphasize saving the natural integrity of our patients' teeth whenever possible. As such, it is more susceptible to chipping and staining than natural teeth and can be expected to last three to five years.

The tradeoff with other forms of restorations is one of cost, convenience, and minimizing damage to existing tooth structure versus long term durability.