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Child Dentistry

While we do not specialize in Pediatric Dentistry, we are well equipped and able to accomodate the majority of very young patients. We generally recommend bringing your child for a first dental visit around the age of 3, which is the age at which children generally have grown all 20 of their childhood teeth. This first visit is typically short and allows the child to get to know us and feel comfortable with being in a dental chair.

The first appointment involves a very gentle examination of the child's gums and teeth as well as an initial x-ray to assess any disease and check up on the progress of un-erupted teeth. We will also provide a topical fluoride treatment.

It is important for the parents of a child patient to instill a positive mindset toward a visit to the dentist. We do our part in making sure the child is as comfortable as possible, and Dr. Hosseini has an extremely gentle mannerism with all patients, but children in particular. Feeling comfortable with being in a dental chair for a short period of time can avoid a great deal of potential health hazards throughout the child's adult life.

Preventative Measures

There is no reason for children to have any cavities at all. It is completely avoidable with reasonable control over diet, adequate hygiene and regular visits to our office. Diets heavy on sugars and carbohydrates, generally unhealthy anyway, are also unhealthy for the teeth and gums as they tend to create additional acidity in the mouth that raises the likelihood of forming cavities.

To prevent cavities, parents are encouraged to

  • Limit frequency of snacks, sugary snacks in particular
  • Monitor twice daily brushing, flossing
  • Frequent rinsing, particular after sugary snacks
  • Avoid carbonated sodas with sugar, as they tend to be extremely acidic

It is a grave mistake to think that baby teeth are 'only baby teeth'! They are important for maintaining space for the adult teeth growing beneath them, proper chewing and jaw mechanics, speech and also appearance.

We encourage all parents to take every step necessary to prevent any cavities in their children's baby teeth.