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Teeth Whitening

Nothing quite signals youth and health like a bright smile. Unfortunately, staining caused by coffee, tea, soda, smoking and food can over time leave our teeth discolored and stained. Teeth whitening, also known as 'Bleaching', can restore the natural shade of teeth in a matter days if done correctly with professional care.

At Home Procedure

We can fabricate custom fitting trays for patients in a matter of a few days. By applying our recommended bleaching agents using trays custom fitted to each individual, stains are removed safely and quickly. While there is variation among individuals, significant improvements can be observed in even a couple of days. In fact, we have had 'emergency' last minute requests for bleaching trays, a week before patients were to jet off to a wedding. We're always happy to help!

There are cases where staining does not lend itself to the chemical removal, as is done by bleaching. In those cases, we may need to resort to veneers to restore our patients' brilliant smile. We do recommend, however, that bleaching be attempted first as we cannot fully gauge beforehand the efficacy of the treatment.

In Office Whitening

It is possible to achieve much more rapid whitening of a patient's tooth with a significantly stronger chemically activated agent. In our in-office procedure, we apply a layer of protective wax as a barrier to protect the patient's gum prior to applying the bleaching agent. This allows us to achieve a brilliant smile, typically in under an hour. The procedure is suitable for patients requiring immediate results such as those attending weddings, photoshoots, etc.

Over the counter products

While there are over the counter bleaching treatments widely available for purchase, we cannot not recommend them since we feel they are generally neither as effective nor as safe as the professional quality products we provide. We are particularly concerned with the potential damage caused to gums with Over the Counter Products. The cost benefits simply do not justify the potential risks in our view.